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This site is for educational and peer support purposes only. It is not to provide clinical services, or advice, for the individual. For that, consult your health care provider.

Good Doctors know about new research findings in orthomolecular medicine, immunology, epigenetics, toxicology, energy medicine, the microbiome and nutrition. Good Doctors properly investigate their patients, including, where indicated, by Live Blood Analysis, Fecal Microbial Analysis, trace element and heavy metal levels, urinary pyrroles, blood tests & X-rays. Good Doctors prescribe safe, effective treatments to restore damaged bodily systems to balance and health. Those treatments may include dietary changes, supplemental vitamins, minerals and EFAs, herbs, pre- and pro-biotics, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, biofeedback, surgery and pharmaceuticals. 

  •  Integrative Psychiatrists – and all good mental health professionals – know about childhood trauma, how it shows up in the adult, and practices and therapies that can move the person beyond it. They know about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, for example, Somatic Experiencing, Non-Duality teachings and Mindfulness, Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), Emotional Freedom Techniques , Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, etc. They know how addictions can block healing and how the person can leave addictions behind. 

  • These medical practitioners are also called Integrative Doctors. Under their care you are likely to get better.

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