What we offer


Live talks and presentations on topics relevant to practitioners of every discipline, including mental health professionals. Education for the general public, support organisations and special interest groups.

Research Updates

We regularly scan peer-reviewed scientific journals. We identify new research findings that impact the field of psychiatry, and mental health more broadly.


“To Shrink or Not To Shrink – A User’s Guide to Psychiatrists”, for general use. And “Psych Assessment – A New Guide for Health Practitioners”, for clinicians and trainees. Paperback and e-book.

Updates in Integrative Psychiatry

Emerging practices in Integrative Medicine as it relates to Psychiatry. Implications for investigations, diagnosis and treatments.

Safe, effective clinical practice

For health practitioners. How might you apply the new knowledge safely – for you and your patient / client.

Educational videos

Two currently on You Tube. Also “Mood Disorders – an Integrative Approach”, and “Nutrition for Health Professionals”, Powerpoint presentation.

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